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DJing a selection of the finest, hardest and grooviest cuts in Medway,
our two nights 'Fisted' and 'Fist of Funk' are geared towards those who
appreciate fine underground music.
In November 2003, 'Fist of Funk' was our first venture into DJing together
and this night explores enigmatic 60's-70's Funk. Since we both have
different musical backgrounds (Stenny's into Jungle/DnB whereas I grew
up on Rock) our tastes in Funk reflect this so the performance is often
varied as we compliment each other.

'Fisted' is a combination of our favourite musical styles which works well
and keeps each gig fresh and dynamic.
Stoner/Fuzz/Psych Rock ---> Funk ---> Jungle/DnB
Merging the styles isn't a problem because artists from the Rock and DnB
genres often borrow elements from 60's-70's music. For more info on the
styles of music we enjoy and play, please visit our Profile Pages.

Our aim is to have fun playing the music we love and to educate the
ignorant into understanding that there is a greater wealth of musical
expression outside of manufactured Chart/Pop music ^__^

We currently play at the Tap 'N Tin venue in Chatham, Kent, UK, one
Saturday a month. The schedule is likely to change as the venue
continually puts their Club Nights on different rotation due to the number
of performers and their preferances.
Make sure you check our front page for the latest gig information. 

We love to hear from fellow enthusiasts who are into the same kinds of
music so feel free to email. Both Stenny and myself are usually in the
Tap N Tin pub on Saturdays so come over and say hello- we don't bite.