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Born in 1979 and now living near Hoo in Kent, I took up Drumming
at secondary school and visited a recording studio for a day to
make a demo tape. That was a great experience but I've since
directed my musical interests into collecting and DJing music.

I've been into Rock music since '88 when I bought my first Iron
Maiden album. I love the band even today but my tastes have
widened from traditional Metal to contemporary 60's-70's inspired
Stoner/Fuzz/Doom/Groove Rock (You can listen to some of my
fave tracks in the chart list below to get an idea of what I play on
Fisted nights).

Due to my passion for hard percussion it wasn't long till I
discovered rare 60's-70's Funk and I believe both these under-
ground musical genres go well together because of the same
production values, groove and dedication of the performers.

My collection is growing by the week, currently at around 1700
CDs and 300 Records so I'm well kitted up for DJing purposes

The reason I started DJing was because there were no local
venues playing the music I wanted to hear. The first time I DJed,
I had no experience or training in the use of the equipment but
with a background in video editing (a similar discipline of cross-
fading and using other knobs & switches), it took no time to learn
the ropes.

Other interests: Japanese/Hong Kong/Korean cinema, Anime,
Manga/Comic books, Internet, Collecting Japanese animation
artwork and I wrote a book- "The Art of Drawing Manga" which
my brother illustrated.

Other Website: BlueBlade AKIRA on the famous Japanese
comic book and movie, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Contact Email: Krafty At Fisted Music
If you're a local Entertainments manager who'd like this kind of
music played at your venue please get in touch. Comments on
my/our work is always appreciated so if you feel like chatting,
drop us a line.


Krafty- January '04



Top 20 Stoner/Fuzz bands and corresponding tracks in alphabetical order.
Listen to MP3 clips (each approx 1 min between 700-800kb in size)


CLUTCH- Pure Rock FuryFU MANCHU- Action is Go

HONCHO- Corporate RockPAWNSHOP- Aloha From Saturn

SOLARIZED- Neanderthal SpeedwaySPIRIT CARAVAN- The Last Embrace
CLUTCH- Open Up The Border
DOZER- Lightyears Ahead
FU MANCHU- Strolling Astronomer
GAMMERA- Almond Eye
GONZALEZ- New Motor Queen
GREENWOOD- Cosmic Rebirth
HONCHO- Hypnopilot
KYUSS- Demon Cleaner
PAWNSHOP- 20th Century Jesus
RIDGE- Fuelle
SCISSORFIGHT- Dead Thunderbird
SOULDIVIDER- Supersound City
SOUTHFORK- Superglue
SPIRIT CARAVAN- Healing Tongue

Check out the MATADORS, which include Andreas and Jonas formerly of RIDGE!!
MP3 Samples: Like a Matador pt2 & Rise Above Adversity


Other stunning Stoner/Fuzz/Psych/Doom bands that deserve mention:

7 Zuma 7, Abdullah, Acid King, Awesome Machine, Boogieman, Burnher, Corrosion of Conformity, Datura,
Dear Mutant, Dixie Witch, Down, Electric Wizard, Fireball Ministry, 5ive, Five Horse Johnson, Floating
Widget, Floodgate, House of Aquarious, Hypnos69, Josiah, Karma to Burn, Life Beyond, Low Gravity Circus,
Lowrider, Matadors, Monkey3, Mammoth Volume, Nice Cat, Novadriver, The Obsessed, Orange Goblin,
Roadsaw, sHeavy, Sixty Watt Shaman, Skywise, Sparzanza,  Spiritual Beggars, Sundial, Thumlock,
Tummler, Unida, Voodoo Shock, Wall of Sleep, Witchcraft, Zebulon, Zerocharisma



Top 20 Funk bands and corresponding tracks in alphabetical order.
Most of my Funk collection is on vinyl (12" LPs and 7" 45s). I don't have the means
to extract vinyl clips, but demos below are from my CD collection
Listen to MP3 clips (each approx 1 min between 700-800kb in size)




BLENDERS LTD- When ya git through
wit it put it back
EDDIE BO- The Hook & Sling
BOBBY BYRD- Hot Pants I'm Coming...
CHUCK CARBO- Can I be your Squeeze
DENNIS COFFEY- Scorpio (vinyl)
CYMANDE- Brothers on the Slide
GREAT DELTAS- Tra La La (vinyl only)
J HINES & FELLOWS- Camelot Time
MACEO- Tighten Up (vinly only)
MAJESTICS- Funky Chick
THE METERS- Cissy Strut
NOBLE KNIGHTS- Sing a Simple Song
WHATNAUTS- Dance to the Music
YELLOW SUNSHINE- Yellow Sunshine


Other stunning Funk/Soul/Jazz bands that deserve mention:

The 20th Century, Donald Austin, Beginning of the End, James Brown, JB's, Bohannon, Larry Ellis, Flaming Ember,
Benny Gordon, Grant Green, Imaginary Visions, Eddie Jacobs, Kashmere stage Band, King Hannibal, Lightnin' Rod,
Lunar Funk, The Mar-keys, The Mohawks, The Nite-Lighters, The PC's Ltd, S.O.U.L, Sugarman 3, The Winstons



How to get into Stoner Rock and/or Funk

On occasions people have come up to me at gigs and have asked things like-
"Where can I buy this music"? and
"How can I find out more because I want to start collecting"?
They're actually good points, so I have some tips regarding such queries.

To get the most from Underground music you have to do a lot of research which
takes time but can be very fun and rewarding. The internet is a brilliant tool for this
because it can put you in touch with info, record labels, artists, and stores all over
the world.
1. As a starting point I'd recommend Stonerrock.com for the Rock Music and
Funk45.com for the Soul/Funk. Both sites have a huge community of dedicated
fans who add their own reviews and thought on the scenes, and the site content
is continually updated for all the latest info but keeps the older stuff too for useful
reference. You can also download snippets of tracks to get a feel for the bands,
which is great in guiding you towards the styles of music you want to hear.
It's important to listen to as many different bands as possible because a lot of styles
exist under the 'Stoner' or 'Funk' header. You'll probably discover a certain blend of
music you hadn't encountered before and you may then follow this musical path.

2. Buy compilation CDs. Before committing your hard-earned readies on a single
band's LP, listen to various comps on the genres as there are plenty around. I've got
around 30 CD comps each on Stoner and Funk music and there's still more to get
hold of! Record labels may release a batch of tracks by the bands on their roster and
if you love a band on one label, it's likely you will like many of the bands on this label.
Remember, most of these record labels are small, formed by true fans/band members
who know their stuff. Each label has a discernable sound based on the owner's tastes!

3. Once you're familiar with the labels and bands, you may want to look out for live gigs
(mostly the Rock genre) and buy singles/albums from bands you have identified on the
comps and the Label/Band/Fan websites.
A top tip for UK buyers- it's often cheapest to buy online and you can get some good
deals from stores in the USA/Europe. Check out the links below for retailers that I've
vetted ;)
Also, on large orders from outside the EU, ask the retailer to mark the Customs Label
as a 'Gift' with a value of US$25.00. This will help you avoid UK Customs inspection
and the incurred cost of Tax, Duty, Import Fees etc which can total up to 22% of the
orders' value... This will leave more money in your pocket to spend on cool music!

Have fun collecting! If you want any specific help on building your collections just ask.

(You can find many of the best website links in the section below)



Recommended Web Links:

Stoner/Fuzz/Psych/Doom Communities and Retailers with the best Range/Service/Price
that I've dealt with

Black Tears Distribution (UK) Heavy Stoner/Doom/Black/Goth retailer
Electrohasch (GER) Stefan's (from COLOUR HAZE) Label for Hainloose, Ugh! and new Hypnos69 
Daredevil Records (GER) Label of Duster69, Sergej the Freak, Magnified Eye + more
Freak Emporium (UK) Retailer of Stoner/Psyche Rock and Funk among other genres
Freebird Records (HOL) Label and Retailer
Hot Stuff (SWE) Various Rock musical genres, CDs/Vinyl/Merch for sale
Just for Kicks Music (GER) Excellent mail order, often has good sale items
Kozmik Artifactz (GER) Great stock of all the latest releases
Molten Universe (SWE) Label of all my Scandinavian faves- Dozer, Greenleaf, Demon Cleaner, Ridge
Monster Zero (GER) Label for a few releases by Colour Haze, Low Gravity Circus, Astroqueen
People Like You (GER) Label for Abdullah, Awesome Machine, Blind Dog, Eternal Elysium, Sunride
PsycheDOOMelic (AUSTRIA) Label of Voodoo Shock, Orodruin, Wall of Sleep. Good Retail
Record Heaven (SWE) Blues/Jazz, Stoner/Doom/Psych music. Some nice rarities
Stoned Gods (IRE/IT) Quality News, Reviews and Links from the Heavy Psych/Fuzz/Indie scene
Swamproom Records (GER) Large store of underground Psych/Indie/Stoner releases
Vinyl Magic 3 (IT) Specializes in Metal, Stoner/Psych, Garage/Punk, Jazz/Blues. Some rare releases

Game Two Records (USA) Label and Retailer with good bulk purchase costs
Hellride Music (USA) Great Retailer- especially good prices and shipping. Cannot be faulted
Highbeam (AUS) Label with superb bands such as Monsterous Blues, Thumlock, Timid Joe
HydraHead (USA) Retails Scissorfight, ISIS, 5ive, Keelhaul, Milligram, Pelican + more CDs
Rhythm Ace Records (AUS) Label of Rollerball, Filler, Forte System 13. Good mail order prices
Stonerrock.com (USA) Premier site with a great Store, News and massive Forum community
Tee Pee Records (USA) Label of Atomic Bitchwax, Black Nasa, Core, Sleep and others
The Sound Monitor (AUS) Quality News, Reviews and Links for the Stoner/Doom/RnR scene
Underdogma (USA) Label with good bands and Store

Funk/Soul Communities and Retailers with the best Range/Service/Price

Budget Beats (UK) Funk and Hip Hop LPs and 45s
Crazy Beat (UK) Funk/Soul LPs and 45s
Daptone Records (USA) Label and store for Sugarman3, Lee Fields, Sharon Jones
Disque (UK) Most musical genres LPs and 45s. London-based shop and internet mail order
Dusty Groove (USA) Good selection of Funk/Soul 45s/LPs w/descriptions plus other specialist genres
Heart in the Soul (UK) Northern Soul community events and sales for charities in the South West
Funk45 (UK) Tracks database with clips and relative info- great reference. 4200+ members
Jazzman Records (UK) Great 45 reissues and 2 original compilations worth buying. Hear clips too
Juno Records (UK) Large selection of Funk (mostly reissue) and other Dance music genres
LongTallSimon (USA) Haim's site has some great and extensive 45s for sale
Records By Mail (USA) Huge selection of music on vinyl including Funk, Soul and Jazz
Soul Jazz Records (UK) London-based label and shop with good mail order
Vinyl.com (USA) Great selection of Funk reissues at superb prices