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Professional 45 rpm Record Adapters

As a keen music collector and DJ I've been unimpressed with the
quality of existing 45 adapters.
Plastic ones can mis-shape and break and the standard Technics
issue are light aluminium which isn't stable enough or easy to use
for DJing.

I have manufactured solid steel 45 adapters with every dimension
customised to 0.1mm making it the most ergonomic, user-friendly
and attractive model. Suitable for ALL contemporary record
turntables such as Technics, Vestax, Numark and Project.

The dome-shaped frame is ideal for placing records down as you
can simply lower a record over it, drop it and it'll place itself
perfectly every time.
Removing a record is just as effective because you can elevate it
with one finger unlike Technics where you have to use two hands
and pull it up at a completely vertical angle.

This 45 Adapter is suited to quick change-overs whilst DJing.

45 RPM Adapter

Due to its weight, this has a dual function! Can also be used, to
an extent, to help correct 10"/12" warped vinyl when placed over
the spindle on top of the record.

Why spend £12+ on an inferior Technics adapter?

   * Solid steel which will last for years- even the colour matches all
   * 82g in weight;
   * Flat base for maximum grip on slipmats;
   * Dome-shaped design for easy use.


Underside of Adapter

GB£5.99 each
(US$11.30, EUR 9.00)

Shipping & Packaging:

UK: GB£1.25 for 1, add
£0.50 for subsequent ones

World: GB£2.00 for 1,
£3.00 for 2.
(US$3.80 for 1, 5.60 for 2.
EUR 3.00 for 1, 4.50 for 2)

Discounts for Retail & Bulk
orders of 10+   Please Email

See below for payment
methods and instructions.



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  UK: Uncrossed Postal Order, Cash, Cheque
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this is especially necessary for large orders.
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