I have been collecting Akira Cels and Production Pencils (dougas) since 1995 but
most of them have been acquired from 2000+
I am very pleased to own them, not just because the pictures look good but because
they are genuine moments from the movie.

Also, I fully appreciate the effort that has gone into producing them, having been an Art
student myself I recognize the skill and patience in their creation. It amazes me how
artists keep the enthusiasm after repeating work over and over, knowing that it will
only be on screen for as little as one or two frames per second!
Having said that, I attempted a couple myself based on existing characters. They
didn't turn out too bad but I think I'll leave it to the professionals all the same! ^__^ 

Other cels displayed here baring the name 'Donated' are not from my collection.
Other fans have given me permission to display their collections, and I have taken
some images from cels that were being sold on auctions. I have given credit where
possible, but if you see cels you have purchased and are now in your collection, let
me know-  I'll be happy to acknowledge the owner or remove the cel if requested.


As you will notice this page only contains Tetsuo Shima and Colonel
Shikishima images. The second cel page contains another 26 including
Shotaro Kaneda, Gangs and Other


Tetsuo Escapes
BG Sketch for 'Tetsuo Escapes'
Tetsuo Escapes (2)
BG Sketch for 'Tetsuo Escapes (2)'
Tetsuo on Bike
BG Sketch for 'Tetsuo on Bike'
Tetsuo Walking Away
Tetsuo Injured on the Ground
Tetsuo Feels the Pain
BG Sketck for 'Tetsuo Feels the Pain'
BG Sketch for 'Mutation'
The Colonel Contemplates
Colonel Shikishima
Military Intervention
Colonel Turns


Tetsuo Experimented on
Tetsuo and Kaori ride off
Tetsuo Drinking Water
Tetsuo in Hospital
Tetsuo Escapes the Hospital
Colonel Shikishima (2)
Argument with the Professor



Note that each of these cels are painted on 350mm X 230mm acetate sheets (unless stated on the big picture page).

There are not separate images for all BG sketches as they fit comfortably alongside the cel. I have edited the pictures on these thumbnails, but the large image links are the full versions but scaled down. Included on many of these are image size details and comments ^__^


As these images are from private collections I would appreciate visitors'
co-operation to not download them. Thankyou


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