The following gallery is a collection of Cels and Backgrounds belonging to Ian Cox.
Ian's collection deserves special attention because they are all great images and I am
honoured that he has given me permission to display them.
You will soon be able to check out his own Akira-cel dedicated website,, but for the meantime please enjoy these images. Ian is not selling any
of these cels.


Click the thumbnails for a larger image. 2 images are on each page,
left to right, except for the first 'City BG' image which is by itself.


City Background
The Harukiya Bar
Exit the Harukiya
Yama chases the Clown
Joker skids
Kai on bike
After the run-in
Kaneda trapped inside Tetsuo
Kaneda turns
Hoverbike 1
Hoverbike 2
Hoverbike 3
Young Tetsuo
Nightmare In the Hosptial
Injured on broken glass
On the Rampage
Recovers from a Blast
Colonel Shikishima
Espers together
Espers scared of blood
Takashi 1
Takashi 2
Enveloped by Tetsuo
Where is Tetsuo?
Kaori astonished
Injured by Clowns 1
Injured by Clowns 2
At the Stadium
Akira Specimen shatters
Arm mutation
Help me Kaori!
Tetsuo mutates
Mutation Blob 1
Mutation Blob 2
Sucked into the Void
Tank Fires
Colonel and the Aftermath



Note that each of these cels are painted on 350mm X 230mm acetate sheets (unless stated on the big picture page). Backgrounds are slightly larger.

I have edited the pictures on these thumbnails, but the large image links are the full versions but scaled down. Included on many of these are image size details and comments, provided by Ian and myself ^__^


As these images are from private collections, Ian would appreciate visitors'
co-operation to not download them. Thankyou

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