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Another of my favourite anime series is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-
an 'Intelligent Fighting' anime is what I'd call it with great characterisation,
designs, stories and atmosphere. The cels are arranged by character,
and are mostly displayed in chronalogical order as they appear in the series.
All available Dougas and Gengas are included on the main cel pages.
[Note: Any cels marked 'DONATED' do not belong to me]

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Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 1
Jotaro Kujo 2
Jotaro Kujo 3
Jotaro Kujo 5
Jotaro Kujo 5
Jotaro Kujo 6
Jotaro Kujo 7
Jotaro Kujo 8
Jotaro Kujo 9
Jotaro Kujo 10
Jotaro Kujo 11

Star Platinum, Jotaro's Stand

Star Platinum 1
Star Platinum 2
Star Platinum 3

Star Platinum 4

Star Platinum 5

Jean-Pierre Polnareff

Polnareff 1
Polnareff 2
Silver Chariot, Polnareff's Stand
Silver Chariot 1
Silver Chariot 2

Magician's Red, Abdul's Stand

Magician's Red 1
Heirophant Green, Kakiyoin's Stand
Heiophant Green 1
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 1
Dio Brando 2
The World, Dio's Stand
The World 1    
Group Shots
Group Shot 1
Group Shot 2



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If you have any cels you would wish to display here, please send them in; preferably scanned
at a high quality, in .jpg format and saved at 500-600 pixels wide.
Please include the image's size in millimetres, a brief description and your personal details
so you can be duly credited.
As these images are from private collections, I ask you to not download them
without prior consent of the owner. Thankyou


Akira Celluloid Gallery 1

Akira Celluloid Gallery 2

Ian Cox's Akira Celluloid Gallery



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