Colonel Shikishima


The Colonel launches a coup d'etat
Born: November 15, 1977                    Age: 42
Blood type: 0         Height: 6'8"      Weight: 206

REMARKS: Career military. On special assignment
in Neo Tokyo. Father was a member of the Self
Defence Forces and participated in the original
Akira project prior to World War III.
Shikishima knows the secret of Akira.


The Colonel is my favourite character. He's a decent man who knows the truth behind
Akira and is wary of Tetsuo whose psychic ability nears Akira's. However no-one else
outside of the military, except the Espers, trusts in him because they think Akira is a
myth and because of his forceful methods. Kaneda in particular in the way he seized
his friend Tetsuo.
His persona is very similar in the manga as he helps the other espers and is intent on
stopping Tetsuo from working with Akira and expanding his powers. Like the
resistance, he is very 'hands-on' and acts on the Doctors' scientific theories/advice.
Although the Colonel seems to understand the situation perfectly the Doctors' imput
is really a device for the viewer/reader to make the story credable and the situation


Shikishima prepares to fire the SOL laser


Choice Quotes: It's not a soldier's duty to make policy. I follow my orders."
-(to Doctor)

"Our objective is a boy named Tetsuo Shima. If you can't catch him
lure him to the old city for the kill." -(to military)

"You're forgetting who the real enemy is: the corrupt politicians who got us into
this mess. Put out an Emergency Decree. Arrest all Executive Council members.
I'm in charge now. Men, we're going to the Olympics!" -(to police and military)
Doctor & Colonel at Akira's vault


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