The Espers


Kiyoko, Masaru and Takashi

Kiyoko (# 25), Masaru (# 27), and Takashi (# 26) are three of the children who
survived the tests conduted by a secret government labratory. Originally trained for their
psychic potential, they grew up with Akira and realize his power.
They are very caring and selfless children who are concerned about each others' and
others' safety. Despite having well developed mental abilities, even together they are no
match for Tetsuo or Akira.
Kiyoko is bedridden and always holds onto her doll. "Her precognition and foresight are
always accurate" explains the Doctor. Masaru was affected by Polio when he was six,
and is the reason he sits in a customised chair; he is the 'leader' of the three and is
reasonable and caring. Takashi is small, humble and quiet but feels obliged to help
Kaneda and Tetsuo when Akira's 'bubble' swallows them up.
They are the same in the manga but when the lab is decimmated by Akira's blast the
medication to control their conditions was lost; so Kay and Chiyoko help get them to
Miyako who can aid them.


Akira, Masaru, and Kiyoko meet at the Lab


Choice Quotes: "You know we're not meant to exist in the outside world.
Come on let's go home." -Masaru (to Takashi)
"Kiyoko says it's very dangerous for big people like you to use
the power". -Kiyoko/Masaru (to Tetsuo)
"Tetsuo is the latest addition to our family. It's our responsibility to
see his destiny is fulfilled". -Kiyoko 



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