The Gangs


The Gang

Kaneda's gang are a hotch-potch of 'regular' teenagers who spend much of their time
griping about their run-down school and riding together at night.
We are introduced to them from the start of the anime in the Harukiya Bar, and they
constantly try to match themselves against the rival Clown Gang who regularly invade
'their territory' to maintain what little freedom and self- repect they have.
Yamagata (left) and Kai (right) are the other two main members alongside Kaneda and
Tetsuo, and are present through most of the film. Kai makes an appearance in the
manga helping out Kay to locate Kaneda.


Choice Quote: "We've got the Clowns cornered near the expressway" -Yamagata



The Clowns

Joker is the Clown's formidable leader and he despises Kaneda's gang.
The Clowns are a tough crew, they make weapons to use against rival gangs and if
Kaneda's lot weren't prepared or organized, they would get their arses whipped!
In  the movie, they do get revenge by assualting Kaori and Tetsuo but this is short lived.
The comic book sees the Joker collaborating with Kai and Kanada towards the end as
they put their differences aside. With the city laid to waste after a second blast (from
Tetsuo) the only remaining gang members are these three. We discover that Joker is
an ace mechanic who fixed up many bikes, and rebuilt a military hover platform, which
is how Kaneda got another powerful bike mid-way through the series.



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