Kaori is a caring young girl who is part of the gang's following and a girlfriend to Tetsuo.
She is weak, like Tetsuo, but doesn't have the same energy or motivation. Very much a
lonely person, Tetsuo confides in her but doesn't reciprocate her devotion- especially
when he gets used to his psychic power.
She is presented almost as a slave in the manga, catering to Tetsuo's desires and taking
care of Akira like a mother despite their drug addictions and rule of the evil, misguided
Great Tokyo Empire. A character of little hope, yet her loyalty, innocence and good-nature
is a bright contrast to the savagery and depravity in which they exist.


Kaori cares for Akira


Choice Quote: "Everyone is really worried about you, they thought you
might be dead". -(to Tetsuo)



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