The Resistance


Mr Nezu from the Council Kay and Roy (+ Kaneda) of the resistance

Mr Nezu, a Council member, secretly heads the resistance. It is really a force for good as
they are against the stubborn Government who don't believe Akira will re-surface or that he
ever even existed. Like the Colonel and Religious Cults they realize Akira's rise to be
imminent but their methods are more 'hands-on' (or misguided) as they are responsible for
bombings in the city to make people and the government aware of the danger.
Despite being correct, their motives are misunderstood, and cannot prove themselves to
the government, falling into the same trap as Shikishima and the cults.
Mr Nezu however, is corrupt and a bitter, twisted old man. Roy (Ryu) is the leader of field
operations, and plays the same role, but alone, through much of the manga.

Yamada meets Roy

With the resistance mostly dead following the explosion caused by Akira, Roy meets
Lieutennant George Yamada, a spy from the 'Outside World'. His mission is to find out
as much info about Akira and the newly formed Great Tokyo Empire, report back, and
sectretly intends to assassinate Akira with the help of bio-chemical bullets.Roy doesn't
know of this, but with similar objectives, he suggests they team up.




Kay escapes along a tunnel
Born: March 8, 2002                            Age: 17
Blood type: B       Height: 5'6"      Weight: 111
REMARKS: Real name classified. Joined 
and became active in a terrorist group when
her brother died in prison. Strong willed,
yet sensitive.


Kay's role in the resistance is important because she is completly loyal to its cause and
to Roy. Her character is far more developed in the manga, where she plays more than a
'hard-to-get' love interest for Kaneda.
She is still as strong willed, but is the one to discover that Lady Miyako is an esper  too.
Miyako helps Kay channel her thoughts and discovers she is a conduit for the espers
telepathy. Kiyoko does this in the movie and Kay communicates with  Kaneda and Tetsuo.
She works closely with Chiyoko, a physically strong and resilliant resistance fighter and
they look out for each other.


Choice Quotes: "Neo Tokyo has become an over-ripe fruit that's begun to
sink. But there's a new seed germinating inside. All we have to do is wait for
the wind to blow, and the fruit will fall into our hands.
Wait for the wind called Akira" -Nezu
"I'll be right behind you all the way. . . and when we run for our lives,
I'll be right ahead of you". -Roy (to Yamada, going for Akira in the manga)



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