Tetsuo Shima


Tetsuo's anger swells
Born: July 29, 2004                                 Age: 15
Blood type: A         Height: 5'4"        Weight: 104

REMARKS: The youngest member of Kaneda's
gang. Known to have an inferiorty complex
because he is thought to be weak and immature.
He is thought to be extremely introverted.


Tetsuo is one of the main characters of the both the film and comic book.
Following a near collision with Takashi, Tetsuo was affected by his mental powers and
began developing them himself. These psychic abilities soon grew and he became the
next most powerful behind Akira himself. The espers' attempt to kill him before he got
too strong was in vain and Kaneda could  not succeed either. They didn't attempt this
out of spite, but because he was a threat to the world.

His character is very striking and his actions provide drama throughout the story. His
mis-directed views and intentions constantly lead to conflict with all the characters and
he is stubborn and naive about the consequences of his actions.

In the manga, Lady Miyako tells him he is # 41, and that it is his destiny to discover
what Akira is. However he is impatient and doses himself up on mind-altering drugs to
enhance his abilities, or so he believed. It was these drugs which surpressed his powers'
growth. It eventually found a way to maximize itself by breaking free of the limitations of
Tetsuo's body by absorbing items around him. That is why Tetsuo appears to be
mutating towards the end.



Choice Quotes: "You think I'm a loser! It's not my fault I was smaller!
There'll come a day when I'll show all of you! Don't you forget it"!
"How do you like it when the tables are turned? Can't take it! I'm King
now Kaneda, do you hear me"! 



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