Some people just have to go too far... heh ^__^
No, I think cosplay is great, people getting dressed up as their favourite characters
when they go to anime expo's and conventions. A big thanks to Chris 'Yamagata'
Scalissi for the pics he has sent me and to our Japanese friends!


Clown Gang (Akira Club)
Tetsuo 1
Triggun & Kaneda
Sailor Moon & Kaneda
Kaneda & Lupin
Kaneda, Tetsuo, Kaneda, Colonel, Yama
Colonel, Kaneda, Yama
Anime and Manga Kanedas!
Three Kanedas
Yama & Kaneda
Death of Yamagata
Yama attacks the Colonel!
Tetsuo attacks the Colonel!
Kaneda shoots Tetsuo
Yama, Colonel & Kaneda
Kaneda, Colonel & Yama
Yama & Kaneda
Down the capsule
Taken 18th March 2002 by Nieno and friends at Cosfes in Japan
Kiki and Nieno take a time out
Kaneda grabs a lift with Yama
Yama and Kaneda
Kaneda from the Manga
Yama 1
Yama 2
2 Kanedas
Kaneda and Colonel
Shoto as Kaneda
Nice Harukiya reconstruction!



LINKS:  Japanese Cosplay pics from WONDER Festival Winter 2002
at Game Factory. Thanks to Sim, Nieno, Shota, Kiki and 'Colonel'



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