Fan Fiction (By Chaz)


January 2002



Kaneda seemed to slip in and out of consiousness, part of him could not  sleep, whilst the
other seemed determined to drift into sleep. He stared with  bloodshot eyes at the
seemingly twisted ceiling. Images of Tetsuo came and  went like the wings of so many
butterflies. It's all he could think of, his  life with Tetsuo, his first friend... His best friend.
Had Kaneda neglected  him? Was that what led to his eventual and slow slip into the
stagnant swamp of betrayal and murder that followed his insane power? Kaneda felt like
crying, but didn't.
He knew that if he would he would fall asleep. He needed more time, more time to think
things over and hopefully find an answer. 

Kaneda turned to the bedside and looked at the lonesome flouresant light of the alarm.
6:28am Kaneda was not suprised by the time, he knew he had been awake all night,
what did suprise him was the slowness of time, it seemed like hours ago that he saw the
time at 6:09. He wiped his head expecting to find sweat beads stick to his hand,but it was
dry. The night had been humid, that coupled with the thick sheets of his blanket seemed to
create a unescapable world of agravating heat. He tossed himself onto his other side, as
he had done all night. It didn't take long for Kaneda to realise he needed sweet, cool, fresh
air. He swooped his blanket off the matress and slowly pulled himself from the somehow
welcoming comfort of the bed and walked over to the dim light, piercing through the crack
in the curtains, which he drew aside with a desperate ease. Light filled his room and his
eyes were sprayed with a painful napalm of seering white. His eyes soon adjusted and the
light transformed into a veiw of the dismal streets. Kaneda looked at his scarred bike, side
by side with Kai's. The streets were a ghost town, it had been like that all over Neo Tokyo,
ever since that dramatic end of the events only days ago. Kaneda found it hard to leave
Neo Tokyo, too many fond memories, that and the fact the streets were safe for looting.
Kanda had everything he ever wanted, a girlfriend, a collection of bikes, an apartment that
didn't reek of piss. However, he had lost everything that he once had, it had been stripped
away from him. Kaneda looked at his feet, glumly. He slowly forgot  about Tetsuo and let his
first words of the day out- "I'm hungry..."

Kei walked out of her room, yawning, but awake. The exitement of the day was  enough to
keep her bright and ready, everyday was exiting to her, it seemed like every hour she
thought of a new place to go in the city to loot, look or just be alone with Kaneda.
Kai was always there, but he was open-minded and was always too busy inspecting nearby
newsagents and porn shops. She smiled lightly as she spoke to herself at the12th district
park... perfect! She shook with exitement at the thought of showing Kaneda the park she
had grown up in as a child. And for Kai there was a comic store nearby that was worth his
attention. She had only just stepped into the kitchen when she noticed Kaneda's worn figure,
slouched over the table, an empty plate, with chocolate stains and crumbs, possibly the
remains of a pop tart, Kaneda had always been a fan of breakfast junk food, she didn't
blame him, she too loved simple foods. Well, ever since she had descovered Kaneda. She
smiled and was about to call over to him when she noticed his gloomy and darkened face,
eyes shaded by a mysterious shadow which the hair of his fringe covered. Kei approached
slowly and cautiously, her once joyful expression was now hidden by a worried and scared
look in her eyes. Kaneda did not turn to face her, he was frozen, an idle ghost. Kei got within
a few inches of Kaneda, She had known this expression for a long time, it was depression,
she was sure of it. 
She let the words out "Are you... okay"? She spoke lightly, as is hoping not to have said 
something that may be hurtful.

Kaneda imediatley turned to Kei, confused. His face transformed into a brave smile.
"Coffee would be great". Kaneda spoke softly, as if his mouth was frail. Kei didn't hear his
almost whisper, but got enough of it to walk over to the kettle on the kitchen table. She
opened the cupboard and pulled out one of  many bags of coffee beans. She carried the
steaming black coffee over to Kaneda's once again glum appearance. She placed the cup
next to the empty plate, where she beleived it was easier to reach for Kaneda. Right now
she didn't want to do anything that would make Kaneda even the slightest bit aggrevated.
She had been there, and she didn't want to go back.
Kaneda sipped his coffee gingerly and set it down again. He leaned back over his chair
and let out a sigh of releaved pleasure. He froze for a moment and  let out a small chuckle
before shrinking back into his previous position. Kei asked her question again
"Are you okay, Kaneda"?
Kaneda sighed again, this time a stammering one. He was holding back tears.
"Yeah, I'm... I'm okay"
Kaneda let his memories fade and became his usual old joyful self, streaching and
laughing as he faced  Kei.
"So whats on the agender today? Huh"?
Kei slowly smiled and laughed.
"Hahhah. Kaneda you shouldn't worry me like that"! She started, almost  yelling happily.
Kaneda got up and streached his arms once more, still laughing.
"We're going to 12th district park".
"Aww, I was hoping we could spend the day together at home". As he said this, he grabbed
Kei, threw her off-balence and caught her in a classical ballet / 
romance style. Kei burst into laughter.

After a long laugh, Kaneda and Kei stood back up and smiled together
"Were going to the 12th district park", she repeated "it's near where I  grew up, I used to
play there".
Kaneda smiled brighter, put his hands behind his head and spoke again
"Sounds good, shall we let Kai come"?
By pure coincidence Kai stumbled in from his room.
"I'm coming"!
The words sounded like poison in Kei's ears.
"Ahh well", Kei thought to herself "we'll still have time to ourselves".
It wasn't long before the three of them were out of the door.

To be continued...



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