Creations which don't quite fit into 'Fan-art' which include Models, design and Stories

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Artist: Wil Harris     Home: UK

A reviewer for the computer hardware website, Wil has
customised his computer's Tower case by adding some Akira
artwork to it! Click the link above to see his step-by-step guide article

Tower case design

Artist: Kevin Harris     Home: UK

A professional props maker, Kevin has constructed a working replica
of the pistol remote used by Colonel Shikishima in the manga!
The remote is used to control the satellite canon (SOL) although
this one doesn't function to THAT extent ^__^
Click the picture to see six pics and design notes

SOL Remote

Writer: Carrie     Home: USA

Kaneda's meeting with Yamagata. This is a Yaoi story (homosexual
overtones) and is written in Kaneda's perspective.
Read part 1 of 2 opposite.

Fan Fic 1

Writer: Chaz De Santis     Home: Manchester, UK

A 'homely' story beginning with Kaneda, Kei and Kai.
Read part 1 of 6 chapters opposite.

Chaz' Fan Fic 1

Writer: Nikki/Rai     Home: USA

The first Fan Fictions as part of the Fan Creations Page!

A Fan fic based on Kaneda and Tetsuo's days at the Orphanage,
and original Song Fic inspired by Prozzak's 'Anna-Lisa'.

Nikki's Fan Fic 1Nikki's Song Fic 1


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