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March 2001

	Yeah!  As far as I know I have the first Akira Fanfic. ^^    Kinda' proud of it, too. 
It's not my greatest, and I'm sure the grammar/punctuation is far from perfect but hey,
no one's perfect. e.e  Now the wonderful, gory details.  This is just a quickie, short and sweet. 
It takes place when Kaneda and Tetsuo first meet, or a little before that if you want to be
technical. The dialogue was altered to my taste, so it's not exactly how they said it in the
movie (subbed or dubbed). Hope ya'll like it. ^_^


    "If you want it come and get it!" the older boy taunted, looming over an obviously younger 
child.  One hand waved triumphantly in the air, parading a stolen plastic action figure around,
as if it were an acclaimed badge.  
    "Give it back!" the smaller boy demanded, making a futile jumping grab for the toy.
    "Tch.  Forget about it," the bully breathed, pushing his 'challenger' roughly to the ground. 
The younger of the two looked up to watch the other leave, prize in hand.  He used his hands
to push himself up from the ground, wincing slightly as his freshly scraped palms met the
dusty concrete.  Lightly bruised legs carried him, with the smallest hint of a limp, to the
deserted water fountain.  His shoulder heaved in inevitable dry sobs as he began the tedious
task of washing away the dirt, which clung to his hands.

    "This is yours, isn't it?" the boy looked to see, to his surprise, his action figure.  He held
out his hands, wrapping his fingers protectively around the toy as it landed silently into his
palms.  He looked up at the new face nervously, half expecting to be teased and taunted
    "They always do that to new comers.  You're new, right?" the new boy spoke again, using
his sleeve to wipe away at a trail of dried blood, which had dripped from his nose earlier.
A silent nod was the only reply given.
The younger child clung tightly to his returned possession as he stepped up the brazen 
stranger, who now drinking from the fountain.
    "My name is Tetsuo, Tetsuo Shima."
The other boy lifted his head up, once again using his sleeve for a towel. 
    "Tetsuo, huh?  I'm Shotaro Kaneda, but just call me Kaneda."




Anna-Lisa   October 2001

Credits and Copyrights: Okay, I'm sure you all know the drill. AKIRA belongs to Katsuhiro
Otomo, not me, so ya'll can't sue me ya hear? o_O;
The story, however, does belong to me (yadda yadda yadda) so if you steal any part of it
expect the Tetsuo clones to come rapping-- rapping at your chamber door- quote the Tetsuo:
"I'm not Akira!" o.o;;;; 
Right. Ah, and the lyrics are © to Prozzäk's "Anna Lisa". Lovely song, by the way. ^^
I was just listening to "Anna-Lisa" over and over and decided to write a fic about breaking up.
o_o And since there's hardly any AKIRA stuff out there, I decided to write another AKIRA one.
Anyway, rated PG-13 for language.
Anna-Lisa Is it really over, Anna-Lisa?
Seems that we've grown older
And time has beat us
Seems I've forgotten who to be
You took the better part of me
My heart, my soul, my sweetest memories
You're my identity…

"Kaneda-kun… I don't think I have feelings for you anymore."  She had been brutally blunt,
as always.  Kaneda didn't falter, or at least tried not to, at her announcement. 
In fact, his reaction was almost not there; he only stood in a dumb-founded manner, staring
as if he were a victim to autism.  Her expression did little to help his predicament- he wanted
to shy at that gaze of hers, the cool, confident mood that always seemed to occupy her
He blinked, signaling his mind to work again, forcing it to come up with something of a reply.
All that came were a consecutive grouping of mouth movements followed by a shrug.
"So then we're on the same level." This came as a statement, rather then a question,
catching Kaneda off-guard, which at that particular moment, wouldn't be a hard thing to do.  
"See you, then," Kei tossed her hand over her shoulder in a brief wave as she turned on her
heel, heading towards the door of the small room.  The door swung behind her, a breeze
from the outside causing it to slam shut, leaving Kaneda with his thoughts.

Boxes line our hallway
Where laughter used to be
Empty house surrounds me
And echoes our history
I rack my brain to find a way
To bring us back to yesterday
My love, my life, my childhood fantasy
Still everything to me
My Anna-Lisa

Kaneda sat back against the wall, propping one leg up for his elbow.  He had been sitting
on the floor of his bedroom for some time, staring blankly at the few pictures he owned of
him and Kei. " 'I don't think I have feelings for you anymore'" he said to himself, purposely
causing the pitch to raise.  "The bitch could've at least been more…" he paused, searching
for the right word, "sensitive.  Girls are supposed to be like that.
And girls aren't supposed to break up with guys-we're supposed to break up with them,
dammit!"  He craned his neck up, looking at one of the pictures she had given him, (he
could always find this one quickest since it was one of the few in a frame), and pushed it
until the support gave way and the frame fell. "It's not like you're the first girl to break up with
me-one of the few-but not the first," he muttered, dropping his arm back to his side.  "And I
talk to myself too much, why don't you get outside, get some air." Kaneda pushed himself to
his feet with a low grunt and made his way, after turning to look at the over-turned frame, out
the door.

Looking out this window
Almost seeing
You pull in the driveway
and kissed me so casually
If I knew then what I know now
I would've changed your mind some how
My hopes, my dreams, my future finally
That's what you took from me
My Anna-Lisa

Purposely keeping his pace languid, Kaneda made his way towards his bike; anyone who
knew him would know that he turned to his bike whenever any sort of escape was needed. 
He finally quickened his pace when his prized possession came into view, which had grown
on him more after taking the time to re-store it.  With one leg swung over the side, and a
hand gripped around the handlebar he pushed the rest of himself onto the bike,
unconsciously gripping the body with his knees. He settled back, half-expecting to feel the
warmth of a passenger seated behind him, and when none came he leaned forward into a
harsh slump.  "Gawd dammit!" he growled, bringing his hand down on the bike before sliding
off of it. "This is just fan-fucking-tastic," he kicked a nearby pebble, watching it slide and
bump down it's uncertain path, "I can't even ride my bike."
With his hands stuffed into his pockets, he started down a cracked sidewalk, watching the
ground that passed beneath his feet with an eerie fascination, oblivious to the noise
surrounding him. He couldn't get the words out of his head: I don't think I have feelings for
you anymore, and each time the sentence ran through his mind anger surged, causing an
emotional maelstrom with each thought.
His mind pressed on, digging up everyone of his flaws, each one making Kaneda wonder
which one 'broke the camel's back'.  The charade continued, until finally he stopped abruptly,
shaking his head. "It wasn't me, she just realized that I'm outta her league!" he nearly
shouted, causing other pedestrians to stop and stare. "Yeah, I'm just too good for her."
He kept walking, feigning happiness with his decision.

Is it really over, Anna-Lisa?
Seems that we've grown older
And time has beat us
Seems I've forgotten who to be
You took the better part of me
My heart, my soul, my sweetest memories
You're my identity…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Author's notes:

Heyo.  ^_^  I thought I'd do this instead of cramming it all into the end, making the story look
longer than it really is.  o_o;   Now, my little notes on the story.  ^^

-	First just wanted to say this was based of the anime, since I've yet to read all the manga-
    although I'm not sure if their relationship would really differ.  o_O;

-	Exactly how long after does this place?  Well, enough time for people to come back,
    sidewalks to be built and crack, for Kei and Kanny to get pictures of themselves, and
    whatever else.  o_o  So… what, maybe two, three years after the movie?
    Don't ya just my logic?  ^_^;;

-	Why them breaking up?  n_x;;  Well, I've just been wanting to write a story about someone
    breaking up ever since I first heard "Anna-Lisa".  I'm not sure /how/ exactly it feels to break
    up with someone, considering I don't have any firsthand experience, hell, I've never even
    dated.  o_O;;;  But, I took my best guess.  ^^

-	Why this song?    Well, that's kinda obvious- didn't you read the lyrics?  x_x;;  

Also, keep in mind that this is only a rough draft.  If I ever get around to re-reading and re-
writing it I'll upload the newer version. I think I will get this done because I thought the ending,
to put it simply, was crap.  o_o;;  It was rushed, unfinal, and just… blah in general.
The fact that I had my face inches away from paint about five minutes before finishing it didn't
help. I'm a paint-sniffer!  Not really.  o_o Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I dis-liked
writing it!  ^__^;;



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