SOL Pistol Remote (By Kevin Harris)


As used by the Colonel from the Akira manga #'s 21, 23, 29, 31. Kevin has constructed
this working replica of the hand-held pistol remote used to control the Satellite in Orbit
Laser Canon (SOL)

SOL Remote 1Crosshair

Here are some of the creator's notes and explanations:

The model is constructed from resin, brass, aluminium, & etched nickel silver, and took around 6 - 8 weeks to construct from scratch, and functions just like the featured device.

The main switch under the handle that gives a green pilot light in the cross-haired gauge at the back; Pressing the red button above this gives you an actual laser beam to visually aim at your target, and the black trigger when squeezed gives the cross-haired gauge a pulsing red light to indicate that target is locked (and shortly about to be vapourised !).

The actual look of the device in the manga varies from picture to picture, with only one really nice establishing pic in issue 21 (I reckon Otomo had a basic prop construced as an artists model, probably using a sawn-off .45 automatic, with a few embelishments). I have tried to be as faithful to the sketch as I could, but where necessary have made adjustments and educated guesses, one example being the actual angle of the grip; Having made a card prototype to start me off, I discovered that it wasn't possible to hold the weapon as shown in the sketches if the apparent angles were used, so I had to adjust were necessary so that it would sit in the hand correctly. Now that this little project is out of the way, I plan to do a limited run of kits of this weapon, using the original moulds and components used to construct this one (though perhaps a small change here and there).

Side of RemoteSide of Remote

As for drawings/designs, I made very few.....I made a few notes about proportions by comparing the illustrated hand in the comic with my own holding a model .45 automatic to act as a gauge. Then I drew a basic technical drawing to act as a guide, and then from this, built a card model. At this point, I realised that the card model had to be tweaked so that it could be held like it was in the sketches so my drawing became obselete. As the design changed to fit the reference, all my calculations and changes were done physically to the card model.

Once I was happy with the look, I transfered the measurements directly to the base materials and started construction of the master model in styrene. As for functionality.....Well, it does what the scientist explains to the Colonel in issue 21! (Orbiting laser platform not included)!!


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