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Artist: Chris McElhill    Home: Glasgow, Scotland

Sketch of the Akira bad boy, Tetsuo

Tetsuo Sketch


Artist: Adam 'Ajay' Horvath    Home: Bradford, UK

Tetsuo in motion. Ajay's drawn this bust of tetsuo in his biker gear which
makes a nice change from his usual red cape

Tetsuo in Motion


Artist: Ritsuo Nakanishi    Home: Japan

Unnamed Clown Gang member- great picture!



Artist: Jeff Welborn    Home: Shreveport, LA, USA

Detailed comic book style rendition of the fight between Kaneda and the
mutating Tetsuo

Kaneda and Tetsuo Fight


Artist: Martin    Home: Victoria, BC, Canada

Pencilled picture of Tetsuo based on the manga

Tetsuo pencil 3


Artist: Shannon    Home: US   Site: The Kai & Yama Obsession

'Kai and Yama are best friends'. A Yaori picture from Shannon.
Her latest offering is an angelic Kaisuke

Kai and YamaAngel Kai



Artist: Evan Giddens    Home: New Zealand

In the style of 80's/early 90's US comic book heros, Tetsuo is represented
with his mutated arm

Tetsuo in heroic pose


Artist: McDoof    Home: UK

Some replica scenes created in Adobe Photoshop

Angry Kaneda Kaneda & Kai


Artist: Lauren Mann    Home: UK     Site: Loppiart

A detailed pencil-rendered tetsuo artwork, very nice technique

Tetsuo Portrait


Artist: Adam Ellison    Home: USA     Site: coming soon

'Fine Art' style charcoal drawings of tetsuo

Tetsuo 1 Tetsuo 2


Artist: Heidi Black    Home: Ohio, USA

Site: http://www.geocities.com/bhsanime

Using different mediums, Heidi has made fanart of Tetsuo

Tetsuo Cel Tetsuo City


Artist: Douglas McGlothlin    Home: Council, VA, USA

Site: http://www.geocities.com/laughing_jackal2001

After watching Akira in '95, Doug has been inspired to do these pics of Tetsuo

Tetsuo Pencil 2


Artist: Mark Angres     Home: Chicago, IL, USA

A Tetsuo fan, Mark has crossed Tetsuo with Kaneda's power bike and laser!

Tetsuo on Bike


Artist: Funky Chocobo     Home: Texas, USA

A decent array of work, both coloured and line-art. Some interesting ideas
here- Tetsuo with wings! and in Snowboarding gear! I never knew there were
alpine slopes in Neo Tokyo ^__^

Winged Tetsuo At the Bar

SSX Snowboarder


Artist: Cindy De Jesus     Home: Texas, USA     Site: Tetsuo's Harukiya Bar

Inspired by existing poses, Cindy loves Tetsuo so that's why he's here!
Nice pics Cindy- The shading is really good.
Tetsuo sporting the furry coat as seen in the early manga and a nice picture
of a relaxed Kaneda.

Tetsuo on Bike Furry CoatFurry Coat 2Kaneda


Artist: Leebe     Home: Japan     Site: AKIRA Life

Some well-appreciated Japanese fanart depicting Tetsuo

Tetsuo Shima


Artist: The Great Drew

Another great Tetsuo pic- demonstrating his psychic power

Tetsuo's abilities

Artist: Rai

Rai has also been busy with an original Kei/Kay fanart and you can read her
Fan Fictions on the Fan Creations Page!


Artist: Henrique Barros

More pencilled fanart of the ever popular charcter- Tetsuo



Artist: Ann Ziegler     Site: Tetsuo Shima's Page

An inventive use of colour here. Ann certainly has a very
proficient and eye-catching style



Artist: Laurent Delcambre     Home: France

Pencil drawing fanart is rarely seen as most people prefer
making CG work etc Good copies of the Otomo style!

Kaneda and BikeTetsuo and Kaori


Artist: Neil Alphonso
Home: Toronto, Canada/Austin, USA     Site: Visceral Flux

Many Akira fans have been inspired by the motorcycles the gangs ride.
Their design is novel yet ergonomic and within the realm of real existance

Kaneda's BikePop Art style


Artist: Lane Henderson
Home: Tallahassee, USA     Site: Homepage (computer art)

An Akira collage is a different way of creating a piece of fanart. Lane
has chosen a large number of his favourite images to create this

Akira Collage


Artist: Aleksandra Kardas     Home: Warsaw, Poland
Wow, this minimalist design is a very modern/original way to depict
anime/manga charas



Artist: Helen Highwater     Site: Tetsuo Shima 4 President!
As part of the logo design for her site, Helen has chosen Tetsuo as her focus

Tetsuo head


Artist: Chris Adamiak
Home: Ontario, Canada     Site: The Unofficial Akira Website
Super Deform charas a-hoy! I love these SD's because they
always look amusing and cute. Chris has also made a Tetsuo
cel- looking very confident in his cape!
Tetsuo image
KanedaThe Colonel

TetsuoTetsuo Head


Artist: Yovan Vujacic     Home: Valencia, Spain
Motorcycle designs influenced by the gangs' bikes, Kaneda's in particular.
The quality is very professional in terms of technicality and aesthetics.
For more of Yovan's vehicle designs follow this link!
For more of Yovan's and other's vehicle designs, visit the portfolio section at
Car Design News




Artist: Pat Lee courtesy of Chris Adamiak at "The Unoffical Akira Website"
Home: Ontario, Canada
This sketch is by THE Pat Lee of Marvel, Image, and Dreamwave Productions
comic book fame!!
For more info visit the site in the Links

Kaneda sketch


Artist: Ben Krefta     Home: UK     Site: Organic Metal
More 'grapic design' orientated than his usual style, Ben has opted for
a contemporary logo where the art is primarily computer based




Artist: Chris Krochcez     Site: Ganath's Pit of Darkness

The linear quality of this piece stands out against the complex CG toning style




Artist: Monica Andersson
Home: Sweden     Site: Monica Andersson's Gallery
Monica's favourite character is Kai and she draws him more often than others.
Her drawings are influenced by both the manga and anime, and this
is reflected in her work

Yama & Kai


Kaneda on BikeKai on Bike

Kai RunningThe Gang


Artist: Akumakaze  Home: Ohio, USA  Site: Official Ravenna Homepage
Akumakaze has used a couple of varying methods for his work
(explained on the enlarged pics pages). He was inspired by the
movie and thinks it's the best animated film!
And who are we to disaggree?!


Kaneda with GunTetsuo in Cape


Artist: Krafty  Home: Kent, UK  Site: This one!Kaneda Celluloid

A mix of different styles and mediums here: super-deform
and cel, and I hope to add another CG Tetsuo soon.
PS I coloured the Kaneda pic on the Main Page if that
counts for anything ^__^



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