About BlueBlade AKIRA:
Designed for those who already know a little about Akira, you will not find a standard
film synopsis or any 'recycled' pictures. When I scoured the web in search of other
similar themed sites, that is what I came across all too often. Although these things
help to promote Akira, to me they seemed simplistic and monotonous.

I knew what Akira material I wanted to see on the web, so with my passion for the anime
and manga series, my collection of interesting Akira information and items, I feel I have
lots to offer other Akira fans. My knowledge and collection is hardly definitive but I hope
to share with you what I do have ^__^ 
Therefore, unless stated, all words on this site are my own as are the pictures. The
exception is the merchandise page where the majority of pics are others'.
With currently 620 pages I have included original Film Stills, Celluloid and Trading Card
Galleries, Character information, references to both the manga and anime, a Production
Report, Wallpaper, Forum,  DVD page specials, a fantastic Fan-Art section, Cosplay
and much more- with still more to come.
Hopefully you will find something which interests you!

About Me, James 'Krafty' Krefta:

I'm a huge fan/collector of anime things, not just Akira. For some pics of my room please
click here which should give you an idea of what I've ammased over the last few years.
My love an all things anime has developed since I was kid watching cartoons like He-Man,
Thundercats, Ulysses31 etc and it was great discovering cartoons made for adults when I
was a teen.
Art in general has been a fascination and I have several qualificataions in the Art field
from school GCSE/Advanced Level to Higher Education Diploma and a 2.1 Degree in
Professional Media (Video/Photography/Graphic Design). Now I'm used to using the web
I enjoy making web graphics and maintaining my websites!
Other websites currently include:
Fisted Music- A site for my DJing and love of music
BlueBlade Anime Art- A Rubberlsug cel gallery depicting my collections

In 2003 I wrote a book called "The Art of drawing Manga" which my brother illustrated and
if you're interested, you can find more info on his website Organic Metal or purchase it
in most large bookstores and over the net on Amazon/ Barnes&Nobel etc.
That was a cool project and my bro has gone on to do other books.

Despite my other interests Akira will remain a firm favourite anime/manga which is why I
present you with BlueBlade AKIRA.

If anyone has anything they would like to share about Akira, please use my
Message Board as a forum for your views, questions, and information. Or you can Mail
me on the text link below.

I hope this site will be an active anime and manga community, it can only achieve this
with your support. I'd like to thank everyone who's visited since 2000 and contributed to
the following stats:
2000- 14,000 hits
2001- 68,000 hits
2002- 76,000 hits
2003- 52,000 hits
2004- 15,000 and counting (till April, currently averaging 160 visitors a day)

Domo Arigatou!
     Thanx a lot and Enjoy!
- Krafty 


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My current Top Ten Anime (in no order)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Cyber City OEDO 808
My Neighbour Totoro
Genesis Survivor Gaiarth
Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken
Ninja Scroll
Blue Submarine 6


Forthcoming Additions! You lucky, lucky people ^__^

-- Work on the Merchandise pages,

AKIRA Music Videos

Celluloid collections from other anime

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