Ok then, to demonstate some of the anime goodies I have in my collection I've taken a
few snaps of my room taking in October 2004. Shot 1- Anime/Martial Arts VHS Tapes and DVDs. The CDs on the right are Rock Music CDs and the action figures along the top are from Fist of the North Star and Onimusha PS Game
Room 1 Shot 2- Some more DVDs and Anime/Game soundtrack CDs. The Action Figures are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I need more shelving... The pile of 'stuff' on the bottom left are some unsorted cels from The Guyver and Kabuto Room 2 Shot 3- My (mostly) Akira cupboard. Shelves top --> bottom, 1-4. 1- All Akira goodies (except Smeagel) Teading cards, Stat sheets, Republication Anime/manga books 1-5, Doujinshis, Billingual Books, some of the Epics, Darkhorse Mangas, Original Jap mangas, Continuity Stroyboard Books, Akira Club Book, McFarlane Toys. 2- Fist of the North Star book, Appleseed+Various Graphic Novels, Anime Art books, McFarlane Toys, Akira/JoJo's Adventure Toys. 3- Blade of the Immortal GNs, Lone Wolf & Cub GNs, CDs. 4- Shirow 2004 Calendar, Fist of the North Star books (Jump comics), Anime/Game CDs and Akira vols 1-10 in Spanish. Room 3




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