2nd Oct
New Cels for Sale including Akira, VHD: Bloodlust, Mezzo Forte and Dangaioh
21st June
New Fanart from Chris McElhill featuring Tetsuo
15th May
Reinstated the Akira Fan Music Video which uses the 'Witness' track by Dearly
Beheaded. Checked the old file out with Quicktime and it now works OK!
25th Apr
Redid the Allposters Sale page with new great items and currency in GBP. I've
not been adding much to BBAKIRA in a while as you've noticed; other hobbies
have taken up all my time but this site will continue and I'm always here ;)
10th Apr
An Interview with Katsuhiro Otomo courtesy of The Onion AV Club
26th Feb
Samurai Champloo DVD for sale,  Updated Multimedia Page- corrupt video
removed. A little extra was added to my Fisted Music profile for good measure
20th Feb
Over 40+ Cels for Sale rom JoJo's Bizarre Adventure at very good prices!
31st Jan
Save 20% on your Allposters order with a unique BBAKIRA code [till 1st Feb]
Accepting offers on my Rurouni Kenshin anime artwork till 2nd Feb!
17th Jan
Save 10% on your Allposters order with a unique BBAKIRA code
My Cel website, BlueBlade Anime Art has been updated with more goodies!
2nd Jan
New Cels for Sale including The Guyver, Bloodlust, AD Police and Robot Carnival.
Some cels are reduced in price!




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