I have here some hand picked links chosen for their quality, which I believe
deserve the Akira Otaku's attention. All use English Language unless specified

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BlueBlade Anime Art
BlueBlade Anime Art, My latest website.
A collection of my Anime cels which is
continually growing!


Akira Powerbike Project
Building a working replic of Kaneda's Bike.
Comprehensive Info and pics




Two sites by the same creator:
[Japanese] MASHed ROOM. Info on Akira and
Otomo, BBS.

[Japanese] PICTURES- Hinowa You's Online
Gallery.Fanart of various characters including
Akira ones


[Japanese] Kinosite. Kino's dedicated Akira
website with Info, Artwork, Gallery, BBS and
great Japanese Akira site Links


AD 2019
[Japanese] AD2019, A new site for 2002 by
Tetsuo Hozonkai.
Merchandise collection with more to come!


Game Factory
[Japanese] Game Factory. A site with some
great Akira info, a fanfic, some pics


Kai and Yama Obsession
The Kai and Yama Obsession. Original
pages inc DIY Capsules, Akira Teddies!


Yahoo Message Group
Yahoo Message Group run by Chris (Yama/
Kaneda Cosplayer). Join in the discussions!


Tetsuo's Harukiya Bar
Cindy's site is dedicated to Tetsuo (of
course) and related Akira fan creations


The Unofficial Akira Site
Sebastiaan's site has been up since 1995
and it is still very active. Info on the Manga,
cards, and a great Forum


[Japanese] Cool but small, dedicated site
with pics & info I don't have! BBS, some
merchandise and character info


Great site with quality content- info,
pics and original downloads including
ROMS for the NES & Amiga games!


Tetsuo Shima's Page 'Tetsuo only' shrine- a great collection of Tetsuo images, many rarely seen. Ann's fanart is fantastic, with sections on the anime/manga, cels and others


Tetsuo Shima 4 President!

A satirical spin on the Akira 'world' focusing on Tetsuo as a presidential candidate. Read the interview with him, and find out what the Akiracrats are all about!



Leon's site includes info and great DVD captures among other things!


The Unoffical Akira Web Page
An original Akira site whose fresh pictures I like the best. With synopsis, review, sounds and scans of 'Candy Flower Napalm' (from #38) it's nicely constucted and comprehensive for a single page site


Akira Studio

The Akira page is one of three to be created here, including works by Shirow & Miyazaki
Akira pages include Story and Merchandise information, Otomo & Morimoto profiles, and links


Akira Image Provider Colour/b&w pictures of characters from the Manga. You cant go wrong if you're looking for fresh images


A Wind Called Akira Nicely constructed site with Screen Shot Galleries, Sound Archive plus more


Takashi's Akira Shrine Includes Original thumbnailed Screen Shot Galleries, information, and a Poll
.A popular Akira site on the web, but is no longer updated


The Anime Inn
A site for all anime titles and types. The Akira Galleries are vast and the whole layout is easy to follow. Offers web hosting, news, links, forum etc



Nichibei Anime Club
Nichibei Anime Club have a good range
of anime cels and anime related merch


Ravenna An original fanfic/fanart project; visit the Ravenna world to find out what it's about


Click here to buy and sell!
Everyone asks "Krafty, where do you buy all
your Akira stuff?" Well, a majority comes from
here- Ebay. Register for free through this link.



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Anime Turnpike
Ohhh Yes! One of my faves for all anime & manga types and titles. Thousands of links to pick from
Anime Pitstop!
Quality Engine for many titles and genres



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