Akira has been printed on textile as well as paper- not the manga, but a large range of
Dozens of T-shirt designs were made, below are a large number of them 




Scroll 1Scroll 2Scroll 3Scroll 4Scroll 5

Wall Scrolls- 80 x 102 cm

Cloth Carrier BagBaseball Cap
                               Cloth Carrier Bag               Baseball Cap




Logo & Computer Game T-shirtKaneda & Bike T-shirt 1Kaneda & Bike T-shirt 2Hand Painted'Eyes' T-shirt

Tetsuo Rage T-shirtAlternative Tetsuo Rage shirtCollage Design T-shirtKaneda Bike-Slide T-shirtJap Anime Poster Design

Long-armed Kaneda shirtKaneda & Gun T-shirtAKIRA ShirtMamga Design 1Manga Design 2

Kaneda over Neo TokyoManga Design 3Manga Design 4Manga Design 5Manga Cover 1

Manga Cover 2Manga Cover 3Manga Cover 4Manga Cover 5Manga Cover 6

Kay Shirt, Graphitti Designs



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