Manga Collection 6 in Slipcases


This 'collectors' edition is a cardboard slipcase which holds three regular, US edition
TPB volumes and a special 'Bilingual Booklet'.
The booklet is an English-to-Japanese kanji translation of the text, page by page,
accounting for each volume in the case.

Printed in Japan 1988, Japanese packaging, English Language, Colour
Size: 10 X 6.5 inches. Each Akira book has 60 pages, Bilingual booklet has 34 pages
- two pages at the back for interviews with the creative/publishing team (in Japanese)


Manga Collection 6- issues 16, 17, 18 in Card Case with  Bilingual Booklet

Front Cover to Bilingual Booklet 6Back Cover to Bilingual Booklet 6



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