Akira the movie, Akira the soundtrack, these two are represented most in the media/
technology section. Wherever Akira was released, a different cover was made for the
film and music, and not forgetting the various formats they appeared on.




VHS Video USA US Widescreen dubUS Sub videoUS Production Report

VHS Video tapes
 USA dub,  USA W/S dub, USA Sub, USA Production Report
(GB P&S Dub, GB WS Sub- to follow)

Dub= English language
Sub= Japanese language with English subtitles
W/S= Widescreen screen ratio (16:9)
P&S= Pan and Scan, whole screen used (4:3 ratio)

Video CD 1Video CD 2Video CDVCD Cover and Disk

Video CD for use with CD-ROM and DVD


Special Edition LDSpecial Edition LD Special Edition LD BookletLaser Disc

Criterion Collection Laser DiscAustralian Laser DiscFrench Laser DiscSpecial Laser Disc

Laser Discs


DVD 1 (June 2001)Tin case DVD (June 2001)Japanese DVD

                         DVD R1 New       DVD R1 Tin case     DVD Japan Ed.
                         Eng Dub/Sub      New Eng Dub/Sub

DVDDVD GermanyAlternative DVDDVD English Sub

      DVD Chinese Sub    DVD German Ed.    DVD Alternate       DVD English/
                                                                                            Cantonese Sub

UK Jap SoundtrackAudio CD USAOST 2 JAPOST JAP

Audio CD's / Soundtracks

Famicom Video GameFamicom (NES) CoverAmiga Game

Video Games NES/FAMICOM, Amiga



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