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There is SO much available! Something we'd expect from such a high profile
series and film.
I have been on the lookout for items to display on the site, giving you the
opportunity to get an idea of what's out there. I have placed the items into 5
appropriate categories-

* Paper (books, magazines, posters, cards, etc)
* Manga (The comic books, and collections from the series)
* Media (Technology based items- Videos, CD's, DVD etc)
* Cloth (Clothing, and Scrolls etc)
* Miscellaneous (Badges, Models, etc)

Currently, there are only thumbnail images- main pages for each item will be
made available soon!

-- Please understand that none of these items are for sale, I'm not a dealer --

If anyone has photos/scans of other AKIRA related items, please send them
 in with a description, so we can make this the greatest gallery collection in
the world! ^__^

I have left out most magazines with Akira articles as so many have been
published. If any deserve particular mention- I'll add them (as in full issues
devoted to Akira). Please inform me of their existence; pictures will go down
a treat too!

Note: These items are not mine unless stated. Images have been taken from
auction sites, made by their respective owners for display purposes here
only. By representing these items I am not passing them off as my own and
would like to thank everyone for their contributions.




Stay tuned to the UPDATES section and come back for more items!


If anyone has any interesting info and/or pictures they'd like to add to this section,

Please email me or write on my MESSAGE BOARD Thanks ^__^



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