Included here are all other items which don't fall into specific categories. Often these are the most fascinating pieces of merchandise, as some are rarities which are not mass produced.




Bandai Kaneda & Bike- FrontBandai Kaneda & Bike- BackBandai Kaneda & Bike- Inside

Kaneda & Bike Kit


Kaneda StatueResin Tetsuo Bust

            Resin Models          Resin Bust 

McFarlane Toys' Action Figures- TetsuoMcFarlane Toys' Action Figures- Kaneda & Bike Tetsuo Toy photo by me ^__^

Tetsuo Toy photo by me ^__^ Bike Toy photo by me ^__^ Kaneda Toy photo by me ^__^

Kaneda's Bike Toy (series 1)Tetsuo Toy (series 1)Kaneda Toy (series 1)

Delux Kaneda & Bike Toy (series 2)Akira Toy (series 2)Joker Toy (series 2)
Action Figures

Kaneda DollNeo Tokyo Army

                                   Figures- Doll              Medicom Toys-
                                                                  Neo Tokyo Army
Framed Celluloid300 piece PuzzleAKIRA PinballWall Clock
                  Framed     Jigsaw Puzzle         Phonecards           Pinball          Wall Clock    


Cigarrette Lighter Mouse Mat 1

     Lighter         Mouse Mat 1

AKIRA Button BadgeEnamel Pin BadgeCapsule BadgeAkira Logo pin-badgeCollection of Square BadgesTetsuo Face pin-badgeSew-on Patch

                                           Badges                                                                  Patch


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