These two books collect the original storyboards for the movie, hand-drawn by Otomo.

Book one has two parts to it, A and B. Part A has 'cuts' (scenes) 1-953, B has 954-
Book two has 4 parts, B, C, D, NG. Part B has cuts 1383-1517, C has cuts 1518-
1889, D has cuts 1890-2212 and NG I assume stands for 'no good', a collection of
unused storyboard pictures under the headings 'Missing Numbers', 'No Good' and
'Rough Continuity'. 
It may sound a little complicated but it's just the division technique used to separate
key scenes.

Along with Otomo's storyboards, I found the last parts of the books most interesting.
At the beginning and end of each book are a few pages talking through some of the
film's production progress. All text is naturally in Japanese, but it has some pics and
corresponding text which I recognize from the film's Production Report- such as info
on 'Lip Sync'.
If you take a look at the example pages below you'll notice how Otomo's original
sketches matched the actual cels in the film. All his angles and art style are captured

Book Stats:
B/W content, Softback Published by Kodansha
Date Printed: Unknown
Size: 7.25 X 10.25 inches. Book 1 has 448 pages, book 2 has 382 pages


The Continuity of Akira 1The Continuity of Akira 2


Page 22 from Continuity 1Page 23 from Continuity 1



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