A graphic novel collection of short manga stories by Katsuhiro Otomo. I know it's not
Akira, but one for the avid Otomo fan nonetheless. Japanese book only available on
import. Stories include:

Flower (1979) 
Memories (1980) 
Sound of Sand (1979) 
Farewell to Weapons (1981)
Hair (1979)
Electric Bird Land (1980) 
Minor Swing (1977)
Chronicle of the Planet Tako (1981)
Chronicle of the Planet Tako (1982) -part 2?
Fire Ball (1979)
That's Amazing World (1981)
That's Amazing World (1981) - part 2?
That's Amazing World (1981) - part 3?

Book Stats:
Date Printed: circa early 1980s   Publisher: Unknown
Size: Unknown   255 pages, cobination of colour and B/W.

Memories book



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