Especial OTOMO Magazine


December 2001 one-off Edition

This Estudio Ryuu magazine is a Spanish, one-off special looking at the popular
works of Katsuhiro Otomo.
The magazine focuses on Akira, Robot Carnival, Neo Tokyo, Roujin-Z, Memories,
Spriggan and Metropolis with extra info on Biographies, Otomo's influences/
colleagues, and other news. I don't speak Spanish so translating it is not possible ^__^
Apart from the cover, all content is black & white.

Printed: December 2001, Barcelona, Spain
Size: 7.5 X 10.75 inches. 42 pages


Otomo Special Magazine #1


Also printed on one page of the magazine are a selection of related internet websites,
BlueBlade AKIRA included! (see below). There's even a screen shot of the main page
on the right-hand side ^__^
Again, thanks go out to Zicrom who spotted this magazine and was very kind in
posting me a copy.


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