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The following page includes a number of 'paper' goods that were made with Akira in mind- whether they be influenced by the manga or anime. The manga is not represented here, that has its own section as it's quite extensive. Also, the Art books have their own section so few pictures are present here.

Note: Main pages will be created for every item soon. These pages will show large pictures of the item and detailed description.


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AKIRA MECHANIX 2019 Book. 1988



AKIRA CLUB BookInside the BookInside the BookPages from AKIRA CLUBPages from AKIRA CLUB

AKIRA CLUB Book. 1995


AKIRA Archives BookSample page 1Sample page 2Sample page 3Sample page 4Sample page 5

Sample page 6Sample page 7Sample page 8Sample page 9Sample page 10

AKIRA Animation Archives Book. 2002



AKIRA Art BookArt of AKIRA vol1MemoriesKaba Artbook
     'Graph' Book        Art of AKIRA 1      Memories book       Kaba Artbook


Anime-Manga Books: Original Japanese, TO FOLLOW- 2002 Republication
and Tokyo-Pop English edition #1



Illustration BookPage from Illustration BookContinuity of Akira 1 Continuity of Akira 2Pamphlets Japanese Film pamphlet

       Illustration Book          The Continuity of Akira          Pamphlets
      and Page spread               Books 1 and 2


Anime Invasion magazine #1Spanish Otomo MagazineSpanish Mag/Book on Otomo "Los Libros De Neko: Katsuhiro Otomo"

            Anime Invasion           Otomo Special        Los Libros De Neko:
          Mag #1 Aug 2001         Mag Dec 2001          Katsuhiro Otomo.



Trading Card PosterTrading Card BoxTrading Card PacketTrading Card AlbumChromium Chase Cards 1-3Promo Cards 1-3

Trading Cards.
Cornerstone Communications 1994

Trading Card Proof 1Trading Card Proof 2Trading Card Proof 3Trading Card Proof 4Trading Card Proof 5Trading Card Proof 6

Trading Card Proof sheets

Postcards set from Akira ClubItalian Lobby Cards Poster-Zine 1Poster-zine 2

               Postcard Set
              (AKIRA CLUB)         Lobby Cards (Italy)           Poster-Zines

Press Photos 1Press Photos 2

Press Kit Photographs


Print 1Print 2 Print 4

Limited Edition Prints



Original PosterKaneda & Gun PosterPromo PosterBike Poster (Jap)Kaneda and Bike


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