Here you can download MP3 clips I from the AKIRA soundtrack.
I haven't recorded the full tracks on most songs because they are very long
(up to 14:18 mins) and the idea is to give you an idea of what it all sounds
like so you can go out and buy the CD(s) yourself.
(Please don't ask me where to buy them, reseach this yourself)


Music Tracks/Clips

Japanese OST 1
   Original Soundtrack 1
   Symphonic Suite AKIRA

   1. Kaneda                                   (3.09 full, 3mb)
   2. Battle Against the Clowns     (3.35 full, 3.4mb)
   3. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo         (2.30 full, 2.4mb)
   4. Tetsuo                                     (0.57 clip, 0.9mb)
   5. Doll's Polyphony                     (2.49 full, 2.6mb)
   6. Shohmyoh                               (1.47 clip, 1.7mb)
   7. Mutation                                   (1.21 clip, 1.3mb)
   8. Exodus from the
   Underground Fortress                (1.20 clip, 1.2mb)
   9. Illusion                                      (1.22 clip, 1.3mb)
   10. Requiem                                (1.20 clip, 1.3mb)


   Original Soundtrack
   Clips from other soundtrack CDs will not be
   added even though they may be a little different
   e.g. The UK OST has 4 tracks Kaneda,
   Tetsuo 1, Tetsuo 2, Akira, which encompass
   nearly all the music tracks with added Jap
   voice/sound clips from the movie. More info
   can be found on the Media  Merchandise page.

I'd like to add quotes from the movie- from both English dubs but I need to figure
out the best recording method. It would probably involve linking up the computer
to a video, DVD, and VCR which'll be interesting since I have no video capture
card ^__^



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